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While you’re certainly known for your dirt and transition riding, you also hold it down in the streets and have been for some time now… Do you go through phases where at times you seek one terrain out more over others?
I would say a few years ago I definitely leaned towards one over the other, but now I just choose to ride whatever I want and is available.  I like changing it up and not feeling restricted. Ultimately, I pretty much choose to ride however I am feeling that day and what I will enjoy the most in that moment.

Just prior to Texas Toast and Nora Cup you dropped an 11-minute whooper of an edit for Cult, slaying transitions throughout the northwest. What was that trip all about?
That trip was purely about having fun and enjoying time with good friends. I knew right from the beginning when I was approached by Robbie to make a frame promo how I wanted the video to be – raw and natural.  I didn’t want Veesh to concentrate on perfecting clips and I didn’t want to focus on getting the perfect clips.  If I filmed something I was hyped on it was a plus, but if I didn’t it wasn’t a huge concern to me.  This trip was based on the idea of how I like to ride, which is in stress-free environments and with good friends. The edit came out exactly how I imagined it and I hope that shows to others.

How’s filming been going for Etnies’ “Chapters” and do you have anything else currently in the works?
Filming has been amazing and is an honor to a part of such an incredible project alongside everyone involved in it.  I don’t have anything big planned at this moment other than a Cult trip to Hawaii and preparing for a few contests this year.  My main focus is to film as much as possible for the Etnies’ “Chapters” because it’s aiming for a Spring 2016 release.

I think your riding catches people’s eye because it’s usually fast, high, and smooth… It looks good, which means it must feel good, and so people want to follow in your footsteps. Of everything you do, what trick would you say feels the absolute best to float over a dirt jump or out of a quarter?
When it comes down to my riding I just want to ride the way that feels the best and most natural to me. A large list of tricks is not my goal in BMX, but more to refine the few that I do choose to a tee. If I had to pick an overall trick that would feel the best to me it would most likely be a good ol’ tabletop, which i’m sure is not a surprise to many.

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